About Us.

Sit back, we'll take it from here.

We're more than just a company.

Helping you distribute to stores worldwide is just the start, we're on hand 24/7 to assist you with any queries you might have, and we don't stop there

Suppoting Charities

We support organisations around the world in carrying out life-saving treatment to those that really need it. As well as delivering vital resources to support families in the greatest need.

Net Carbon Zero

As a company we are proud to be Net Carbon Neutral meaning we compensate for the amount of carbon dioxide we pollute the enviroment with, we achieve this by using sustainable resources.

Providing Aid

Delivering Aid directly to the communities that need it, we personally volunteer to deliver and build infrastrcture in the communities that need it the most around the world

The Directors.


I'm Tom one of the directors here at Terrabyte, as the founder of the company I oversee the future development of the company and manage the content being delivered to all of our stores.


I'm Adam the other director here at Terrabyte, I manage the daily running and ensure all our client's are satisfied with their experience here at Terrabyte. I can also be found developing the digital media for the company.


Zammis Barber

Content & Graphics Manager


Eric Okechukwu 

Head of Africa Operations


Tracey Swanson

Head of Finance